Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Intro. To Mass Comm. 6-Mass Comm. Com110 1 Section Spring
Mekki, Dina
Reporting 6-Mass Comm. Com111 1 Section Spring
Hosam Mostafa Abdel Rahman, Nadia
Intro. To multimedia 6-Mass Comm. Com112 3 Sections Spring
Principles of design 6-Mass Comm. Com113 2 Sections Spring
Communication Theories 6-Mass Comm. COM210 3 Sections Spring
Hassan Mahmoud Abu El Enein, Hamdy
Nader Keliny Wasef, Diana
Writing for Mass Media 6-Mass Comm. Com214 7 Sections Spring
Kamal Mohamed Kilani, Hanan
Mahmoud Abo El Awafy, Neven
El Nashar, Ghada
Online communication 6-Mass Comm. Com215 3 Sections Spring
Principles of IMC 6-Mass Comm. Com2160 3 Sections Spring
Al Bitar, Gihan
Intro. To Audio/Visual 6-Mass Comm. Com218 3 Sections Spring
P.O. and Propaganda 6-Mass Comm. Com312 1 Section Spring
Ragheb Awed, Hoda
Media ethics 6-Mass Comm. Com316 1 Section Spring
Hassan Mohamad Bassyouny, Amany
Persuasion 6-Mass Comm. Com317 4 Sections Spring
Saad Abd El Moaty, Rizk
Introduction to Political Communication 6-Mass Comm. Com320 3 Sections Spring
Ragheb Awed, Hoda
Research II 6-Mass Comm. IMC 340 Spring
Zokloma, Shereen

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